Best of Ellisism Part 2

On July 8, 2011, in Best of Ellisism Part 2, by John Ellis

Loyal readers,

I love you both.

Here is a summary of the best posts since the last summary of best posts, voted on by me. If you find a post interesting, please leave a comment.

For nostalgia: The fabulous colour photos of old Russia. Go now.

For impact: Writing for kids infographic. Go now.

For funny TV: Leave it to the French. Go now.

For whacky content: Donate your fat. Go now.

For great typography: Nancy Harris Rouemy. Go now.

For WOW factor: Hyundai 3D. Go now.

For great viral video: Hangar One. Go now.

For sheer dedication: Wave to the bus. Go now.

For a great idea: Dan Gaede’s 365 New Things. Go now.

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