The painstaking work of Yuken Teruya

Look closely. This is no ordinary happy meal.

Yuken Teruya cuts and tears the strips of paper from the bag to make the art inside. I came across his work at the Saatchi Gallery in 2013. This kind of work is inspiring because it tells a great story, intrigues us to consider the motive of the artist and obviously requires great technical skill.

You can check out more of his work here.

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Lovely way to display art

Changing perspective

Originally from Canadian Art. This intrigues me because the artist has taken control of where you stand to view the art and therefore your perception.

The exhibition Laurent Grasso: Uraniborg, co-produced by the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal and the Jeu de Paume in Paris, offers a unique foray into space and time. Videos, paintings from the Studies into the Past series, drawings, neons, objects and sculptures cohabit in a presentation conceived by the artist as a work in itself.  Here, Grasso continues his exploration of space and temporality as he seeks to create what he calls a “false historical memory.” In this in-between place where true and false intermingle, the all-pervading observation of the sky underlies a broader examination of seeing, watching and surveillance, at the same time as it opens up a path to possible worlds.

Amazing tech at the Cleveland Museum of Art

So long bicep cramps

If you’ve suffered from the bicep cramp that sets in after you’ve wandered through a gallery or museum while holding an old-fashioned audio guide, you’ll love what the cats at the Cleveland Museum of Art – Gallery One – are doing with fantastic interactive technology. Having just toured the new Toronto aquarium with kids in tow in Toronto, I’m convinced that interaction is the key to getting kids turned on to art.

Inspirational space

I’m always looking for new ways to make my workspace more inspirational.


Then I came across these lucky bastards. What a buzz kill. Now I want to enclose the back yard.

This is the beautifully inspired office of Selgas Cano Architects in Madrid. You can view more images here.

Audi continues to stun with fabulous creative

This kind of creative is so brave. It takes a lot of people with a lot of faith to begin something so novel.

Anti-gravity tech with endless possibilities

Watch this four-minute video and be inspired.

Because I live in a city addicted to bland high-rises, I particularly love the idea of using anti-gravity balls to show the effect of light and shade for urban planning.

Going mobile. Getting paid.

In a not-so-serious way, the idea of allowing clients to pay for my services with their personal credit cards has been paddling down my stream of semi-conciousness lately. Since most of my invoices are below most thresholds for complicated approvals, clients could pay me on-the-spot, earn travel rewards, and simply submit my fee along with taxi receipts and airline tickets.

That’s why the launch of Pay Pal Here is intriguing. This is big news for banks, vendors and card issuers.





Hipster Ipsum

Thanks to the awesome talent Elliot Smith for finding this site. Hipster Ipsum lets designers use place-holder font based on Hipster lingo instead of the traditional Lorem Impsum text. It’s fun.

If Hipster lifestyle is your thing or the thing you hate most, check out Stuff Hipsters Hate or buy the book by the same name. It’s funnier than you might think it would be.

Geeky wall poster for font junkies

Fonts in “The Periodic Table of Typefaces” are arranged by family, and according to their ranks on a series of “Best Of” font fave lists from around the design world.

This makes a great wall poster.





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CineSkates makes fluid video easy

I love the simplicity of this idea. Although this is an ad, it’s also a great story. Have a look and imagine what you could do.

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