Gabriel Garcia Marquez

For his ability to write about emotion and his hatred of adverbs.

Bill Bernbach

For uniting art & copy.

David Sedaris

For honesty and humour.

Monty Python

For comedic timing, intelligence and wit.

Chuck Palahniuk

For innovative story telling.

Gary Larson

For making so much fit in a single frame.

Charles M. Schulz

For Charlie Brown and always being 7 weeks ahead of publication.

Cormac McCarthy

For sentence making and “The judge”.

Steven King

For sentence making, his hatred of adverbs and the scene under the snow in ‘The Shining’.

Richard Brautigan

For reinventing the novel in “Trout Fishing in America”.

Howard Engel

For making detective fiction funny and chopped egg sandwiches.

Carl Hiaasen

For messed up characters, especially the guy with the weed-eater for a hand.

Jim Harrison

For manly writing.


For the versatility of his creativity.

My wife Anne

For encouraging and supporting my career choice and being my harshest critic.

My 8th-grade teacher Sonia Eldridge

For convincing me that one adult who believes in a kid can change everything.

Clarence Alfonse Gagnon

For his heart-wrenching use of the colour orange.

Arthur Lismer

For the cartoons of his companions in the Group of Seven.

Bill Murray

For every film except ‘Mad Dog & Glory’.

Bob Newhart

For subtlety.

The Dean Martin Roast

For smoking and drinking on TV. Shout out to Foster Brooks.

The Swiss Grid

For appealing to my need for logic and order in design.

David Berman

For “Do Good Design”.

Bubba Hotep

For giving me a second-favourite movie. ‘Jaws’ is my first.

Steven Spielberg

For ‘Jaws’.

Steven Wright

For the little things and his last performance in Toronto.